About CheckYourMD.com

CheckYourMD is the premier online medical review website, giving the patient a smarter way to both rate and search for medical professionals across the nation. CheckYourMD is a place for people to exchange ideas, convey opinions and educate others about specific medical professionals and their means of practice.

CheckYourMD gives the patient access to comprehensive information pertaining to over 1.4 million medical professionals nationwide. This database has produced invaluable first hand experiences that help link patients to doctors that can best satisfy their medical needs.

CheckYourMD began to spearhead changes in the medical industry by giving the patient an avenue for his or her voice to be heard. Our society reviews everything from restaurants to electronics, so we believe everyone should review doctors since they have a direct impact on our lives.

CheckYourMD promotes a positive outlook and encourages patients to share any and all experiences of their doctor visits. CheckYourMD encourages those willing to provide accurate information from a "been there, done that" point of view that will lead to healthier and happier people whom can put their trust in their chosen
medical professional.